YT Builders BBB Business Review
YT Builders BBB Business Review

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We Build, Launch & Manage Done-For-You Faceless Youtube Channels For Entrepreneurs & Investors

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One Step Ahead

Why Our Clients Choose Us

It’s simple. Not only have we been building, launching, & managing Faceless YT channels for over 3 years, but it’s also all we do.  

Meaning, we don’t do any other type of automation, Youtube is our bread and butter through & through.

YT Builders™

Why Our Clients Are Choosing Passive Youtube Channels Over Other, More Traditional Wealth-Building Vehicles

A passive, Faceless Youtube channel consistently trumps not only the returns, but also the stability & sustainability of other investment vehicles. Here’s why:

Lower Startup Capital

Unlike other wealth building vehicles, like, for example, an Amazon or Ecommerce store, a YouTube channel requires significantly less initial startup capital.

Multiple Monetization Avenues

An automated Youtube channel has multiple monetization avenues, which means your channel is never dependent on just one source of revenue. 

True Passive Cashflow

Our clients & investors are busy. And the truly passive, hands-free nature of an automated faceless Youtube channel is why they love owning them.  

Insulation Against The Recession

When the economy gets bad, people might stop buying products, but the 1 thing they will not stop “shopping” for is information. This is what makes Youtube by far the most recession-proof wealth building vehicle out there 


Meet Our Founder

Sebastian Robeck

CEO & Founder YT Builders

After dropping out of college, building and exiting a 7 figure online business, and working as the CMO for some of the biggest brands in the coaching, consulting & online education industry…

…where he personally managed over $10 million in paid media spend…

Sebastian has now decided to take everything he’s learned about direct response marketing & organic content creation over the past 6 years…

…and use it to help entrepreneurs & investors create passive cashflow through owning their own piece of “digital real estate.”

Sebastian & the team here at YT Builders plan on continuing to grow & refine their boutique operation, and serve their clients & investors at the highest level for many more years to come.

Three Steps To Success

Heres' How Our YT Builders™
System Works In 3 Simple Steps:


The "Viral Vortex"

This Is Where We Will Research & Find A Red-Hot Niche For Your Faceless Youtube Channel & Create A Series Of Viral Videos That Will Generate A Flood Of Traffic To Your Channel…WITHOUT You Being On Camera!


Collect A Royalty Check From Youtube

This Is Where You’ll Receive A Check Every Month Directly Paid Out To You From Google For Every Single View Your Videos Received That Month


Reinvest & Scale Your Portfolio Of Channels

We’ll Walk You Through How You Can Seamlessly Scale Up Your Portfolio Of Faceless Youtube Channels & Create A Massive Stream Of Passive Cashflow Alongside Your Current Businesses/Ventures

Our Account Executive Team Is Here With You, And For You, Every Step Of The Way

Being a client of ours means 1 thing & 1 thing only:
We’ve Got Your Back